About Sheri’s Kitchen

Me and Caprese

I am a single mother of two boys, 16 and 7, with the appetites of grown men. They are always  to try a new ingredient or dish and often there will be extra faces at the dinner table. Seems their friends always know what time to show up.

 See, for years I have been experiencing  increasing desire to cook, plan meals, research ingredients, entertain and share my creations. Now, I have found the perfect place to do what I love. I am, in no way, claiming to be a professional chef, just a mom who has made many meals and a true passion for my art.

This all started a couple of years ago when I would share with coworkers  what I was planning for dinner. I would plan meals while we went about our workday bonding with my peers and getting great ideas.

I found my coworkers were always interested in what I was making that night. I then began bringing in leftovers for their lunches the next day. Soon, I began posting pictures of my dinners on my Facebook account. Later, I began including recipes to go with the pictures. To my surprise, I began receiving  lots of positive feedback. Months later, I  found I had  outgrown Facebook and needed another platform for sharing my recipes. 

I share with you recipes that the average cook can serve to their family and friends. Sometimes, I may include a story or my recent discoveries in the kitchen.

 What I do is food. I am intrigued by it. I am curious, I am passionate and nothing pleases me more than hearing the satisfied ahhh’s from my guests and family.  Enjoy my posts and please let me enjoy your comments or favorite recipes. Thank you for your interest in my journey.



6 responses to “About Sheri’s Kitchen

  1. Sheri,
    I LOVE this site…you are truly creative & I LOVE to read about your new dishes! Keep up the YUMMY work!

  2. I understand what you mean about creatively expressing yourself through cooking- I think that is why I enjoy it so much too. I think I will enjoy reading your blog- thank you for leading me to it!

  3. Welcome thesaltedtomato! I will be visiting your’s again soon as I enjoy your quirky stories and our mutual love of cooking!

  4. My Italian Smörgåsbord (Aka Barbara)

    first time I read this. what an enlightening life story.
    how is it going with the catering?
    is it though? is it rewarding? do you ever miss your previous job?

    buona fortuna! you are one brave woman!!!

  5. Oh, your new chef in training career sounds wonderful and inspiring! I’m sure it’s a lot of work, but just as rewarding (if not more) than your nursing career. Cheers to a new path!

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