Ma’s Garden

Delivery from Ma's garden, including her fresh picked garlic, basil, thyme, parsley,sage, savory and rosemary. The flowers were nice too!

Goodies from Ma's Garden and the farmer's market

Ma's Garden

Doesn't get any better than this!

My Ma can grow! She can grow everything and anything that Michigan will allow. She taunts me with amazing and homegrown produce…feeding my creative taste buds. She delivers ingredients that would make an experienced chef drool. I am now finding myself challenged to utilize the amazing ingredients she has gifted me so casually! My Super-Gardener has my attention and admiration! In the picture, from upper left to right: Dill, Sweet Basil, Oh so Wonderful Radish, a bowl of Michigan Blend Greens (and a bit o’ radish),
Sweet Basil, Cilantro (I love you mom, as I know how you grew it just for me!), More Michigan Blend Greens, Rosemary, Thyme and Savory…Where does one begin? Fish, Potatoes, poultry, beef, salads, marinades…Know…I have taken a moment to taste each herb and vegetable alone…my tounge danced and my brain raced! Can I cook fast enough to give these perfect ingredients the respect they deserve? Organic labels, watch out! You cannot begin to touch Ma’s Garden!


6 responses to “Ma’s Garden

  1. How could anyone argue this one?

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  3. Oh my goodness! Look at all that! Your mother has a green thumb and have to have a lot of space for all the different varieties of veggies. Wow, totally impress!

  4. Lora, I am so lucky to have her! She is an exellent gardener, and she’s really been getting into growing the herbs the past couple of years. They can be so expensive in the store! Everything is of course organic and fresh picked. Cannot get better than this!

  5. Believe me I know it (herbst being extensive)! Well you are very lucky, organic, free, healthy, and most of time quality time with your mom when she stop by! Very lucky and bless in many ways:)

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