Too-Hot-to-Cook Chicken Salad

I created this salad tonight, since I am too hot and tired to stand over a grill or stove. The dishes were done, house cleaned and I have to wake up for my real job at 4:00am. If you’ve ever listened to my advice, you made extra chicken earlier in the week. The last time you grilled, you added 2-3 extra chicken breast as it was no extra trouble and comes in handy tonight. Also, you have already cleaned your fresh vegetables and put them in a Ziploc bag with a folded paper towel to keep them fresh all week- long. Tonight is when it all comes together.


2 Chicken breast or any leftover chicken (pork would be good too) cubed to make about 1 1/2-2 cups.
1 cup plus a bit more (use judgement) of fresh broccoli cut into small pieces
4-5 baby carrots julienned or 1 large carrot peeled and julienned (fancy term for long, thin, matchstick pieces)
2 large radishes from your mom’s garden or, if you are not so lucky, 3 regular radishes, quartered and sliced
2 Scallions sliced using the white and green
1 Handful of sweetened dried cranberries (golden raisins would be good too)
1 heaping TBS of fresh dill from your mom’s garden, or 1 regular TBS of dried (again, not so lucky)
1/4 Cup of your favorite Prepared Ranch salad dressing (enough to cover but not drench)
* Any other veggies you may have on hand (Cauliflower, zucchini, peppers, celery, etc…)
Fresh ground pepper to taste.

Chop all your ingredients, combine into a medium bowl. Add Ranch dressing, stirring and adding more if needed. Add pepper and give 1 last stir. Cover and put into refrigerator to chill. Meanwhile, make yourself a refreshing drink and comment on my blog (or blog of your choice)

1/2 hour later, give salad a final toss, serve in your new Pier 1 bowls (my latest thrift store find) Garnish with fresh dill, and enjoy this easy and satisfying dinner for 2.


5 responses to “Too-Hot-to-Cook Chicken Salad

  1. I love the way I feel like I’m talking to you in person while reading this recipe, although I think I may have missed the part about making a refreshing drink AS I’m preparing this salad. I also think most people would be tempted to enjoy this right away, but your idea of chilling and letting all the ingredients get to know one another for a while, really makes sense. Thanks for the idea’s, and keep them comming.

  2. love to see your new creations

  3. Thanks Mom! The salad really is better if you let the flavors merry in the refrigerator for a bit. I have to admit I couldn’t wait to taste test it though!
    Megan, you are the best! Thanks for always letting me bounce my recipe ideas off from you and giving me great input!

  4. Your mom comments on your blogs? LUCKY!!! So, i am supposed to be subscribed to your blogs, but never got an email??? ODD. This is utterly just so easy. Sounds delish!

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